At the end of 2019, Ghea and Zen Porcelain Tableware present the latest collections of tableware with the theme of Wayang Beber, after the successful launch of Jumputan, Peranakan and Songket in the previous years. This design inspired by the art of Wayang Beber from Java which is the oldest form of Wayang performance which is part of the celebration of Javanese sacred rituals in the past. Wayang Beber started and developed in Java during the pre-Islamic era.

    Wayang Beber gained its name because the stories of Wayang which are painted on flat material made of Lontar Leaves, cloths and papers are horizontally and slowly scrolled from its polls. Storyline of Wayang Beber in the past were mainly Pandji stories but can also perform stories from the Mahabharata and Ramayana epics. The Wayang Beber tableware collections designed by Ghea consist of a limited “Giftware Collections such as Ashtray, Jewelry Tray, Storage Jar and Gift Plate of different sizes, besides the basic Tableware like sets of Tea Cup & Saucer, Dining Plate and Dessert Plate which features the Wayang Beber characters on various coloured background.

    Celebrating festive moment towards year end, Ghea launches a special edition in Christmas thematic colors of Red and Green. Through Wayang Beber Tableware & Giftware Collections, this creative collaboration between Ghea and Zen Porcelain Tableware who has been acknowledge for its quality and innovative designs, hopes that will continue to preserve Indonesia cultural heritage in the forms which are related to today’s lifestyle.

    Ghea aims to inspire young millenials to raise more appreciation of our country’s cultural heritage richness through her creations, whether fashion or homewares.

    Ghea continuously designs to meet the needs of style for all ages, also for the young millennials can be a part of the daily casual activities and casual as well as for formal occasions.

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